3D Antigen Design


Our pipeline include antibodies addressing two receptors, progressing into pre clinical stage:

Immune Oncology

Clinical Indications:
Metastatic melanoma

Immune Oncology

Tikcro’s approach is based on 3D (three dimensional) antigens which are designed to generate blocking antibodies. This approach aims to offer superior results in targeting discontinued epitopes. Tikcro plans to identify novel antibodies to validated immune targets and bring next-generation antibodies that increase the response rate of such treatments and decrease side effects by exclusively binding to the receptor or ligand of choice We have identified promising new antibody targets in the pathway of CTLA4 and other pathway’s receptors and their ligands, and are promoting further immunization and selection process to generate such antibodies Tikcro, for the first time, successfully uses a novel technology of 3D designed antigens which, post immunization of an animal, (rodent or the like), results with specific blocking antibodies.

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