3D Antigen Design


Our pipeline includes a CTLA-4 antibody at the advanced pre-clinical stage and we promote additional immune-therapy antibodies which are at an earlier pre-clinical stage:

Immune Oncology

Clinical Indications:
Metastatic melanoma

Immune Oncology

Tikcro’s approach is based on custom-designed 3D (three dimensional) antigens which are used for immunization and result in blocking antibodies. This immunization approach achieves superior results by targeting interaction areas taking into account their 3-dimensional properties, which form a discontinuous epitope. Our approach allows additional validated immune targets to be addressed and generates new high-affinity blocking antibodies to desired targets for immune-therapy pathways. Our technology aims to result in antibodies with exclusive binding to the receptor or ligand of choice, and high affinity for blocking.

Tikcro has for the first time successfully used a novel technology of 3D designed antigens which, post immunization of an animal, resulted in a specific high-affinity CTLA-4 blocking antibody.

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