Our Approach


Our pipeline includes a CTLA-4 antibody at the advanced pre-clinical stage and we promote additional immune-therapy antibodies which are at an earlier pre-clinical stage:

Immune Oncology

Clinical Indications:
Metastatic melanoma

Immune Oncology

Unique Antibody Generation Approach for Cancer Immunotherapy:
Using 3D antigen immunization technology, we aim to increase the therapeutic window ‎and the blocking functionality of antibodies for cancer treatment. This technology enables ‎the development of new therapeutic antibodies for immuno-oncology that address key ‎limitations of existing antibody drugs and methodologies. We expect to bring functional ‎blocking antibodies with exclusive binding qualities and with the ability to address 3-‎dimensional structure of discontinuous epitopes, qualities that are proving to be vital for ‎cancer immune-therapy.
Several antibodies for cancer immunotherapy have recently resulted in meaningful ‎improvements and clinical efficacy in treating cancer. The mechanism of action of such ‎antibodies is based on blocking a receptor from interacting with certain ligands. However, ‎these therapeutic antibodies have only partial clinical response rate. In addition, a certain ‎portion of patients stop the treatment due to toxicity, as such antibodies trigger immune-‎related adverse events. These toxicities limit the therapeutic benefit of the treatment.
We use a unique 3D antigen design methodology to develop new antibody therapies that ‎aim to have exclusive binding qualities over targeted domains, block the receptor/ligand ‎interaction with high affinity, and aim to offer a lower therapeutic dosage to limit immune-‎related adverse events.‎

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