Our Approach


Our pipeline include antibodies addressing two receptors, progressing into pre clinical stage:

Immune Oncology

Clinical Indications:
Metastatic melanoma

Immune Oncology

Unique Antibody Generation Approach for Cancer Immunotherapy;
Using 3D antigen immunization technology we aim to increase the therapeutic window and the blocking functionality of cancer immune antibodies. We allow for new therapeutic antibodies for immuno-oncology that address key limitations of existing antibody drugs and methodologies; We expect to bring functional blocking antibodies with exclusive binding qualities and the ability to address discontinued epitopes, qualities that are vital for cancer immune therapy.
Handful antibodies for cancer immunotherapy have recently shown meaningful improvements in clinical efficacy in treating cancer. The mechanism of action of such antibodies is based on blocking a receptor from interacting with certain ligands. However, these therapeutic antibodies show less than 50% response rate. In addition, certain portion of patients stop the treatment due to toxicities, as such antibody bind to additional domains that trigger auto immune malignancies. These toxicities limit patients’ ability to achieve the benefit of treatment.
We use unique 3D antigen design methodology to develop new antibody therapies that aim to have exclusive binding qualities over targeted domains and to block the receptor/ligand interaction without binding to other domains and to limit toxicity.

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