Tikcro Technologies Ltd. supports biotechnology projects originated in Israeli academic centers. Powered by a novel 3D antigen design technology, it generates “next generation” antibodies, currently in pre-clinical stage, blocking receptor / ligand surface domains of cancer immune modulators.

Following extensive research with the Weizmann Institute of Science in Israel, Tikcro’s academic collaborator, we pursue the development of drug-candidates leveraging unique antigen design technology for the generation of new functional antibodies. This approach shows early success with the following pipeline. Going forward, in 2017 we plan to promote early-stage candidates into rigorous pre clinical trials and aim to build sufficient data for further progress and clinical trials.

Early stage pipeline

Immune Oncology

Clinical Indications:
Metastatic melanoma

Immune Oncology

Key Advantages

  • High certainty and fast antibody generation of targeted-specific antibodies (months vs many years)
  • Selective blocking of a single target among closely related ensemble of targets, which allows;
    • Specific and exclusive blocking of ligand/receptor binding domain, aiming to increase response rate among patients
    • Eliminating binding of conflicting ligands/receptors such as inhibitory versus activatory modulators typical to immune checkpoint functions
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